Thanks to our FMS plant, we can guarantee the maximum flexibility both on small and on average series with our 48 pallets and 810 tools and other vertical and horizontal palletized machining points. To better meet our customers' needs, we have a new CAD-CAM system that allows us to engineer the equipment and at the same time to better integrate all processes, thereby reducing the time to market.

Having several partnerships means we can provide and machine castings, aluminium die castings, cast iron castings, steel castings and components made from special steel sections, for construction purposes and stainless steel, yellow metals, aluminium and plastic materials in general. 







High technology allows COSTAM Hi-Tech to achieve products for important certified companies in the automotive, hydraulic, oil dynamic, printing machinery, textile machinery, machine tools, plastics, packaging equipment, white goods and measurement equipment, boilers and air conditioners. The processed materials are: high-speed steels for construction purposes and stainless steels, brass, bronze, copper, aluminium, nylon and PVC. 



Design and construction equipment and means of production


We supply our customers with a complete service from the design of the equipment according to the individual needs, then go on to the produce the machines, continue with the supply of the sampling and finally start the standard production. 






Costam providesed the customer with a complete service: from design to series production. We also offer to customers consulting services and feasibility study on construction contracts and, thanks to a qualified partnership, laser cutting.

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COSTAM follows the client at all stages of the project, from the feasibility study to the delivery of the subassemblies.


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Surface treatments

Alfacrom2000 provides a wide range of surface treatments for all needs.





360° service, from concept evaluation to the delivery of the product.


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