About us

COSTAM was founded in 1968 and operates in the highly specialised field of mechanical engineering and is active in many sectors: automotive, clothing machinery, white goods, electronic, agricultural, medical, energy, printing, pneumatic and hydraulic. The company has won the trust and recognition of several international customers that have allowed us to gain a market share in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France and Spain.

Today COSTAM Hi-Tech Ltd. is a diversified business that guarantees its customer a "turnkey" service, from CAD design to finishing treatments, including the very special thick chrome plating and chemical nickel plating. Our goal is to SATISFY ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS' REQUIREMENTS.











1968 - Costam is founded           

             Man lands on the Moon - 1969


                      Earthquake in Friuli  - 1976


             Italy wins the World Cup  - 1982


 1988 - Moved to its current location



1994- First time at an international fair  

 1997 - D├ębut on the international market

                    Fall of the Berlin Wall -1989


2004 - Costam Hi-Tech is founded

    Common European currency launch-2001



    7 billion people in the World - 2011


2013 - New production plant




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